Auto Brokering

We understand that your car is not just a mode of transportation. It is an extension of your personality. We commit to providing you with the best car buying experience possible. You will know the status of your vehicle every step of the way, from your order to your driveway. We believe that it is important to provide our customers the information required to make an informed decision.

If you don’t like the vehicle we hand select for you, for any reason, you’re under no obligation to purchase. Our dealership was established as an auto broker. We spend our money before we collect yours. No deposits necessary – only an endorsement.

The Superior Motors Way is as follows:

  • We buy lease returns directly from manufacturers and financial institutions in a dealer only format.
  • Our Reconditioning Process perfects every car.
  • You won’t have to settle for the wrong color or wrong features.
  • We will save you money on the lowest financing rates available.

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