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Superior Motors is now an official Bimmer Tech® provider. Rev up your BMW with these great add-ons designed to take your driving experience and safety to the next level. Bimmer Tech® products consist of high-end technology retrofits specifically for  BMW’s.

Bimmer Tech Bestsellers

Product Description Priced From* Details Order
MMI Rear View Camera A full-screen backup camera using our custom components. from $599  View Click Here
OEM-Integration Rear View Camera A backup camera using our custom components, featuring the same user interface as the OEM version. from $699 Click Here
Front View Camera An integrated front view camera. from $199  View Click Here
SmartView HD Flex Wireless smartphone mirroring for Android and iOS devices. from $250  View Click Here
SmartView HD Wireless smartphone mirroring, optimized for iOS devices. from $250 Click Here
Premium Audio System Customizable audio amplifier, optimized for BMWs. from $899  View Click Here
VividScreen screen and our custom interface, to add compatibility with our other retrofits from $599 View Click Here
Easy iDrive coding Automatic iDrive coding via a USB memory card. from $50  View Click Here
Bluetooth/USB activation Activation of BMW’s Bluetooth and USB capabilities. from $150  View Click Here
Park Distance Control (PDC) Complete OEM hardware kit for implementing Park Distance Control. from $697  View Click Here
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Activation Activate Sirius XM satellite in approximately 30 mins, have access to over 150 satellite channels worldwide From $275 View Click Here

*Prices subject to change without notice. Visit us for an official quote.

Bimmer Tech Product Request

Use the handy form below to contact us regarding the Bimmer Tech products you are interested in for your BMW. A Superior Motors representative will respond as soon as possible to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

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The Perfect BMW Isn't Just Any BMW

It’s the one that fits you like it was custom-made. That has all the right features for your lifestyle, and lets you do exactly what matters to you. It’s not just the car everybody wants. It’s the car you want. You won’t find your perfect BMW in any showroom. To get it, you have to be the one to make it happen…

Make It Yours

BimmerTech’s range of premium retrofits makes it easy to shape your in-car experience, whatever you’re looking for. Whether you want advanced multimedia capabilities, greater convenience or improved audio quality, BimmerTech has an upgrade tailor-made for your needs. Now you can add the factory options you missed out on, or entirely new features not found anywhere else.

Give Nothing UP

BimmerTech lets you upgrade your BMW without sacrificing the build quality and ease of use you know and love. All products are made to the same high standards you would expect from factory BMW parts, and are designed for total integration with your vehicle. With over a decade designing high-quality retrofits for BMWs, we can be trusted to help you make the most of your car. Almost all BimmerTech products feature 100% reversible installation, making them ideal for leased vehicles and those under warranty.

Rear View Cameras

Park assist that suits you

Unparalleled quality

Built to the highest standards, our cameras guarantee market-leading image quality and great durability.

Seamless integration

All our cameras use the factory iDrive display. External components are designed to fit into your BMW’s bodywork perfectly.

Effortless operation

For added convenience, the camera is activated automatically when your shift into reverse.

Advanced features

Additional features include surround view, obstacle marking and dynamic parking lines, depending on your vehicle and choice of camera kit.

Mirroring Devices

Do more with your iDrive

Access all your favorite mobile apps on the iDrive screen, including Google Maps, Netflix and Pandora.

Wireless operation

Mirror your mobile device’s display on the iDrive screen, and stream audio through your BMW’s stereo, without a wire in sight.

Maximum versatility

Support for both Miracast and AirPlay guarantees compatibility with most modern devices running iOS, Android and other operating systems.

Suited to leased cars

Our plug-and-play interface means there’s no programming or coding, and installation is 100% reversible.

Front View Cameras

Maximum Visibility

The wide-angle, high-quality lens provides a detailed and full-color image and corrects perspective.

Convenient operation

Complete integration with the factory iDrive display keeps the camera picture where you need it.

Discreet design

A small camera unit fits into the front grill without affecting your vehicle’s look.

Automatic activation

The camera display switches on automatically when shifting from reverse into drive.

SiriusXM Satellite
Radio Activation

Just start listening

Exactly what you want

With over 150 channels, including music, news, sports and comedy, you’re sure to find exactly what you and your family want to hear.

Listen anywhere

SiriusXM is available nationwide, in your car and online, so you’ll never have to go without your favorite channels.

Up to 12 months FREE

You may be eligible for a free trial subscription to SiriusXM’s All Access package. Contact SiriusXM for more information.

Hassle-free activation

Activation is quick and easy, and is compatible with all modern US/Canadian BMW models.

Premium Audio System

More power and clarity

An improved sound-to-noise ratio and higher output gives the power and clarity needed for a great sound system.

Plug-and-play installation

Installation is quick and easy thanks to our custom harness and bracket. Plug-and-play operation for most of the latest BMW models.

Optimized for BMWs

A combined amp and DSP pre-programmed for optimal performance in BMWs, featuring out-of-the box compatibility with the stock stereo and speakers.

Total customization

Easily customized with powerful tuning software featuring advanced Digital Signal Processing and a 30-band graphic EQ.

Other Products

Power Trunk

Open and close your trunk lid easily, smoothly and safely, at the touch of a button. Featuring motorized trunk control, complete integration with your vehicle and anti-pinch technology for safety.

Comfort Access

A remote system to unlock your BMW’s doors automatically, without you having to fumble around for your keys. A remote sensor recognizes your unique key as you approach your vehicle, and unlocks the door when you touch the handle.

Enhanced Bluetooth / USB Activation

Activate your BMW’s OEM Bluetooth and USB connectivity capabilities. Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, play videos on your iDrive screen via USB, or access Mobile Office and calendar functions for productivity on the go.

Soft Close

Instead of slamming your door shut, push it gently. When the door is almost closed, an automated system pulls it shut securely with minimal noise. Perfect for tight parking spaces or late at night.


A seamless replacement for older iDrive screens, boasting improved screen resolution and image quality comparable to that found in the latest models. Enjoy all BimmerTech’s advanced multimedia upgrades on a screen fit for the job.

Park Distance Control

Make sure you aren’t in for any unwelcome surprises when you’re parking up. Park Distance Control uses ultrasound to measure the distance to any objects around your car, and warns you if you get a little too close for comfort.

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