Superior Motors Bimmer Tech Products

Looking For Bimmer Tech Products?

Superior Motors no longer provides Bimmer Tech products. However, we do provide the most exciting inventory of new and used cars in the Pacific Northwest! We also provide the following services:

Detailing & Reconditioning!

Superior Motors provides professional detailing and reconditioning services for all popular makes and models. Get your car’s interior and exterior into excellent shape for the upcoming summer season!

Consignment Program

We offer a full-service consignment program to help our customers sell their vehicles faster without the hassle of dealing with the sale. Sell your vehicle faster, for more money, without the hassle of paperwork.

AlloyGator Authorized Partner!

As the only authorized retailer in Washington, we are privileged to sell the best wheel protection on the market. Click on the picture above to try our custom color selector.

With So Many Different Car Dealers To Choose from, WHY BUY FROM US?

We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers that last beyond the purchase of a vehicle. As long as you own your vehicle you will always have the ability to purchase parts and services for your vehicle at our wholesale pricing. That includes full auto details, tint wraps, tires, brakes, headlight restoration, and other car related services.

We offer a hassle free experience and price our vehicles aggressively. To put in simple terms, We’ve changed the car buying experience.


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